Working with Local Boards

Construction is very different than it was just a few short years ago. Today, there are many more town boards and requirements that we must contend with. This is especially true in coastal locations as there need to be regulations in place that will allow us all to enjoy what coastal living has to offer, while still protecting the natural habitats that exist here. Because of this, a homeowner is often required to apply to these boards for approval of their construction plans. This sometimes seemingly endless journey can often times lead to a true test of one’s patience and frustration. Our approach to this phase is to have an understanding of the requirements specific to your property location and to work with you, the homeowner and the various boards to the satisfaction of all parties. We will attend these meeting with you at no charge and if necessary, direct you to those professionals (i.e. engineers and attorneys) for representation if we feel this would be in your best interest. With patience and sometimes compromise, the end result is a project that satisfies all parties.